Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Welcome to our first new arrival of the spring!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our first lamb of 2009. A little male who was born, with help, during a hailstorm this afternoon.

We moved mother and lamb to the shed and after a wee drink of milk from the bottle to help them on their way, both mother and son are doing well. Mum is experienced with lambs, having already had four, and being a grandmother as well so we think she will keep this little cutie safe.

Our original prediction was that tomorrow would be the start of lambing, so we were nearly right, but the ewe we thought would lamb first is still very much in waiting.
Tomorrow I am off on a jaunt to the other side of the world to investigate the world of textiles in Japan. It is a family visit too, but I am a little nervous travelling all that distance on my own. If you see anyone wandering aimlessly around CDG airport in Paris late tomorrow evening, it will be me, totally lost and only having reached France.....
Am hoping to keep you up to date with what I find and am also going to fly the flag for Harris Tweed.


Joanne B Kaar said...

Have a great trip........do post lots of photos from Japan.......we want to see where you get to.


Scalpay Linen said...

Thank you. Have arrived safely but jet lagged... the fun starts tomorrow!

Tinchen said...

So cute! Great photos!!!

Have a wonderful day,
greetings from Germany :),