Thursday, 10 September 2009

More Pippin, and a new linen

Just because the blog has been a bit quiet just lately doesn't mean that I haven't been busy....
The new warp is tied in now - 18lea, 3 to a dent, 32 shots and with a 64 repeat pattern. I managed to cock up only one of the sections while warping when I was busy talking to visitors and forgot to turn the reed - however, with a bit of judicious re-arrangement and re-tying in, its good as new! Ah, the skill of the weaver...

Now we have to decide what colour to put in as the weft. The fuzzy photo above doesn't really do it justice as the bottom one, the yellow, looks really wishy-washy in the flesh, as does the fourth, the turquoise, yet they look quite jolly in the picture. The red is the best, but sadly my supplies are limited and its also a very fragile yarn and keeps breaking in the shuttle which means all sorts of trouble in the weaving. I really don't know which one to choose, so any suggestions would be welcome. I'm going to put in a ten shot three colours to see what that looks like.

And so to Pippin - here seen at play with Bramble and Heather. What a very good dog he is -friendly, well-behaved, good with the hens and overall getting a score of 10 out of 10 for dogginess.
Other projects in hand - a new variation on the sea anemone hat, lots of spinning with the Falkland wool, picking out a grey Wensleydale fleece for chunky spinning and now waiting for the long-awaited delivery of my consignment of Belgium linen yarn. Woohoo!

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