Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hebridean Tweed

Although I love almost every thing about my work, one of the most enjoyable things about designing and weaving cloth and hand-spinning yarns is that sometimes I get to see what it being made from them.

Today I had a lovely surprise to receive this picture of a cushion made from my Hebridean Tweed. The Gaelic saying embroidered into it is translated as: "whoever burns his bottom must sit on it".
The maker is Deirdre Nelson - . Deirdre completed a residency at Taigh Chearsabhaigh in North Uist a couple of years ago which culminated in an auction of fish which had been knitted during her time on the island. She has some great ideas and is always up to something exciting. I'm pleased to say that Deirdre has worked with both my linen and now with the Hebridean Tweed. She has an interesting blog at which I'm going to add to my followings.
Weather good today - plenty of sun and no wind. Long may it last! Sorry to the folks on the East Coast who have not had it so good.


Anonymous said...

when will your etsy shop be updated?


Scalpay Linen said...

Hi Debbie, Am hoping to update it with some new wool handspuns and some linen this week. Will make a song and dance about it on the blog when it happens! Thanks for asking - this will give me the impetus to get it done...