Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Great News for Scalpay

Yesterday, the keys of the new Buth Scalpaigh community shop were handed over to the project steering committee.  This is the culmination of much hard work by the committee aided ably by Harris Development Ltd.
But this is just the start - now there will be a management committee needed, renovations to be carried out, operating plans to be formulated, staff training, product sourcing etc. etc.
Speaking as a small business owner, having to spend four or so hours per week travelling to Stornoway for shopping, along with the associated costs of travel (£1.43 for unleaded; £1.49 for diesel just now) will make it very worthwhile for me to patronise the new shop.
Not quite sure when it will open, but watch this space.  Also, google "Buth Scalpaigh" for news reports, or see the blog link on the right hand side.

This photo shamelessly lifted from Ken MacDonald & Co website: a leading estate and property agent for the Western Isles.  Tel: 01851 704 040

Snowing, cold and very windy today.  Spending the day picking Wensleydale fleeces ready for the arrival of my new Ashford Country Spinner which is hopefully en route from P & M Woolcrafts. 

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