Thursday, 13 December 2012

     Ever wondered what a cloud in a basket would look like?  Well, here's one!  I managed to catch it as it was going over Scalpay....
Actually, it's carded mohair from Driftwater Weaves gorgeous Angora goat, Ludi.  Almost too nice to spin, but needs must.  Mohair is so nice, but goodness it does get everywhere. If CSI ever had to come to our house to carry out an investigation, the finger of suspicion would undoubtedly point to a goat!


Lynn Taylor said...

Gorgeous - just like a cloud!

Creariet said...

Hello Sheila,
I am glad to hear something of you. It has been a long time ago. Hope everything is OK in The Hebrides. The mohair looks beautiful and fluffy. I am also spinning mohair. I first have rainbow dyed it in the pot. Marvelous colors.
Greetings and merry Christmas!

Mamacita said...

I am so delighted to see your post - I have missed reading your blog!