Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Good Grief! Is it that long since I posted on the blog?? What have I been doing?

Well, actually, we've had the builder in and things have been a bit hectic and not much has been achieved apart from a successful start to our Weekly Knitters' Club in Tarbert, helping to organise a good Flea Market last Saturday also in Tarbert, and starting knitting up a little jacket in zig zag pattern from some of Joan Calanacrafts gorgeous Uruguayan yarn which she took to the club and which I couldn't resist.

My camera is still malfunctioning, so today I thought I would post a picture of one of my favourite animals - the Alaskan Musk-Ox. For those in the know, the fibre that comes from these beautiful beasts is called "qiviut" pron. kee-vee-ute, and is amongst the finest fibres known to mankind. It is so warm because the muskoxen sometimes have to survive temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees.
The University of Alaska, Fairbanks has a research herd and sell the fibre - proceeds go towards the maintenance of the herd and the research.
The fibre is incredibly expensive (£100 for 8 ounces) but it is so warm it can be spun incredibly thin and goes a very long way. A pair of qiviut socks or gloves mades a wonderful gift for someone who is elderly or has problems keeping warm.
This picture is of one of the new mums with her twins earlier on in the year.......

For more info on the musk-oxen go to

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