Monday, 9 February 2009

See what the wind blew in......

A couple of days ago, we were out on the croft when we spotted something red under a rock. It turned out to be a partially inflated balloon originating from Demiro's Mediterranean Restaurant, Cardigan Bay. We rescued the balloon which managed to deflate more before I took the photo, and e-mailed the restaurant in question who were very surprised to hear where it had ended up! We have an invite to join them for champagne next time we are passing Cardiff Bay. As we've had constant southerly winds for a couple of weeks now and I guess the balloon escaped and floated up here. If only it could speak, I bet it could tell an exciting story of its travels.

Around about the same time, my husband came in with a yellow plastic tag he had found on the shore. This had belonged to a lobster that was taking part in a research project but sadly the lobster was no longer attached. On one side of the tag was written "DFO LOBSTER NL" and the other had the serial number as per the photo. When we looked on the internet at lobster research programmes, we found that NL showed it originated in Newfoundland! I have e-mailed the DFO in Canada and they are trying to find out more details for us.

So all in all its been a week of interesting things finding us instead of the other way round. But it is so good to think that we are all networked together not only be the internet, but by the winds, and oceans etc. Food for thought.......

On the knitting, weaving, spinning front, things have been a bit slow as we have the builders working at home and the loomshed is really cold, what with the frosty weather etc., so I have designed and knitted a jolly little shrug-type garment out of my handspun Carloway Tweedy yarn, and with a handspun white Wensleydale border crocheted round the edge and armholes. It's in the final stages of being partially felted just now - so pictures tomorrow. Have started another one already for the Etsy shop as the one I have fits beautifully and is incredibly warm.

The SassyGael knitting evenings get going this Thursday evening at Tarbert Community Centre, Isle of Harris between 7 and 9 pm. This week Joan from Calanacrafts has a prior engagement so I shall be holding the fort. A great place to come to knit, crochet, sew, or do whatever handcraft that floats your boat - and all for £3.00 per person including a cup of tea and biccie. Beginners and experts in all fields welcome.

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