Monday, 20 April 2009

Lamb is growing up...

Today it is sunny and warm. We decided to move the bottle-fed lamb from her pen in the garden to a proper small field. For company she has Daisy who knows all about being an orphan. So far the lamb is settling in well. Enjoying trying its new teeth out on the fresh grass.

We started planting potatoes today - lots of digging, fertiliser, chickens everywhere rushing for worms and insects that had been turned up. Hope we're not too early - still the chance of frost, or even a cold snap with some snow before summer finally arrives. Yesterday we saw a group of twenty two swans - Bewicks I imagine - heading north and flying very high. The first largish group we have seen for a couple of years, so that is reassuring. There has been so little in the news about bird 'flu just lately that we wonder if there is really nothing to report or if it has been hushed up to avoid the sort of panic it caused last time.

Changing the subject - have ordered a new row counter for my Berridge circular sock knitter. I am almost ready to start - just need a few round heavy pebbles to use as weights and then I'll be able to give it a go.


shortlegs the sheep said...

Hi - lovely pics of Daisy and her little mate! Love Heather's haircut. The tweed looks good too. I am now actually getting round to hens - going off later this week - was planning on buff orpingtons but from what you are saying maybe not. How are the aruacanas? L x

Tinchen {Katrin} said...

I love the lovely photo of Daisy and the little lamb! So cute!

Have a wonderful day,
greetings from Germany,