Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Milk Protein Fibre

Over the past while, I've been trying to track down a source of milk protein fibre for hand-spinning. It is a fibre with a lot going for it and the potential for blending and using it "neat" is quite staggering. However, it seems to be difficult to get hold of in smallish quantities. I'm now involved in a dialogue with a firm in the US who could supply a bale of between 400 and 500lbs - which is a lot!

Is there anybody out there who might be interested in purchasing small quantities for hand-spinning or other craft work, if I got a bale?

Let me know through my website www.scalpaylinen.com so I can gauge if there is any demand.

Today we were in Stornoway, getting our van MOT'd (Hurrah, it passed!), so there wasn't any time for spinning, weaving or taking photos. However, I see the Singing Weaver is really getting into her stride now..... maybe next year I shall sign up for the tour - it looks really interesting.

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