Thursday, 26 November 2009

Little Visitor

For the past few days we have been entranced to have a little visitor staying with us. Her name is Snowy - after the dog in "Tintin" and she is a baby West Highland Terrier. This is a piccie of Snowy relaxing with her new friends. See how big Pippin has got now - he's on the right - getting bigger than Bramble and built like a real heavyweight. He has been in his element playing with Snowy and they are all getting on so well together. Snowy is going home tomorrow and we're going to miss her tremendously. The house will be so quiet without her. Missing from the picture is Heather who was not a happy bunny when Snowy arrived and flounced off in a huff to stay with her daddy!
Another bit of news of the day - some of our Hebridean Tweed is going to be used by Nikki McAlinden of . If you haven't seen the humpties, then do visit her site. The humpties are lots of fun and I believe the Hebridean Chocolate Company is going to make chocolate humpties - can't wait for that! Hebridean Chocolates is a new business and are still developing their website. When it is up and running I'll be mentioning it again.
I'm also putting Nikki in touch with Gedgrave Wensleydales so she can use Wensleydale fleece as humpty hair. I think it is going to be sensational.
Yesterday afternoon, in amongst all the heavy rain and November wind, we had a visit from Mary Norton from Grimsay North Uist, who is part of a group who are carrying out a feasibility study to start a fibre processing mill on Uist. She happened to be passing and dropped in as she knew I was very interested in getting commercial short contract spinning available locally.
It's a fascinating project, and I do hope that things work out for them. It's an exciting time to be living here in the Outer Hebrides. So many new ideas are developing and this is making a difference to existing businesses - perking us up a bit and making us re-assess what we are doing. If only there were more hours in the day, or even days in the week!


Nina said...

Nicks Humptys are brilliant i have 2 of them. And i think on my next trip to stornoway i will get some chocies for christmas day ......Snowy looked like he was having a ball. XX

shortlegs the sheep said...

Snowy looks delightful! Poor Heather - her little nose will be out of joint! hope you are all well and coping with the weather - very very cold here and snow on the way! xxx ps is the 'no name' turkey fattening nicely?? yummy!

Scalpay Linen said...

Oh Leda, I've made NNT cover her ears. She will not be on anyones table this year - she's now officially part of the croft attractions though she is a bit dim (unusually for a turkey), and needs a bit of guidance to find her way back to her shed in the evening.

Anonymous said...

good to see the doggies and their lovely guest HAVE THEIR OWN SOFA.