Sunday, 29 November 2009

Winter Arrives on the Isle of Harris

Winter is here - its official! Got up this morning to the sight of snow on the Clisham and surrounding smaller hills. And its jolly cold too. Took the dogs for a run up on the peat road and had to turn back because my ears were hurting with the cold! Time to seek out the sheepskin Biggles hat again.

On a search through my photos I found one of the new linsey-woolsey I picked up from the mill a week ago tomorrow. Pictures of the making of this tweed are further back in the blog, so here is the finished result. It is just gorgeous - warm and tweedy but with the added linen touch to give it some body. I am going to save up and have some made into a jacket. Meantime, the first visitor to the loomshed who saw it snapped up a couple of metres, so that's good news! Anyone interested in buying some, just drop me an email .

So, the sun is shining, the hens are laying (well, sort of... we went down to one egg only on Tuesday, but on Wednesday it was up to ten again), the turkey is prancing around outside, the dogs are quiet and asleep in front of the fire just now. Blackberry and apple crumble in the oven along with a nice joint of venison. I love living on Scalpay - it's my favourite place.


Anonymous said...

Venison...mmm... It's bloomin' cold here too, but I bet not as cold as you are. It snowed in Buxton yesterday, and even down here it was bone chilling.

Have you always lived there Sheila?

Mamacita said...

I do so enjoy reading your blog! My dream would to be able to visit your croft one day.
We are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia - no snow as yet!
I wanted to email you about your linsey-woolsey but the computer tells me that the email address doesn't connect - any suggestions?

Scalpay Linen said...

I've lived on Scalpay for over 30 years now - moved from Ilford, Essex. So it was quite a culture shock to start with. Now, though, I honesly wouldn't live anywhere else. The weather in the winter can be pretty appalling - mainly a lot of rain and wind rather than cold and snow, but by March the wind-chill factor and darkness seems to bite in and for me that's the most difficult time of the year. However, once the crocuses are out and the first lamb arrives, I know not to worry that spring is on its way! We've not had any actual snow falling here yet, just seeing it in the distance.

Scalpay Linen said...

Hi Mamacita, Sorry if the email address doesn't connect. It's or
We would love to have you visit us one day - do you have sheep or animals too?

Mamacita said...

No animals other than dogs and cats this time anyway. We are building a small retirement cottage on 5.5 acres in the country and since I am a hobby weaver, I would like to have my own sheep for wool. I am retiring in January and my dream is to have more time to homestead.

I have never tried linsey woolsey and hope to after the holidays. Most of my weaving has been historical fabrics because my weaving teacher specializes in weaving these fabrics on antique barn looms. I weave on a 4 harness/shaft barn loom that is estimated to be 150 - 200 years old.

I look at your blog daily and enjoy all the details that you share about your life! Patricia