Saturday, 5 December 2009

Goodbye to an old friend.....

Today we bid a fond farewell to the four horned ram who is off on his jollies to North Galson to meet new and attractive young ewes and gimmers.
As you can see, he wasn't incredibly keen on leaving - in fact, when we got up this morning he had jumped out of his field and was cavorting at the end of the croft with some white friends. Eventually we caught him and tied him to the fence so he couldn't get away.

When the trailer arrived he was well impressed! Last occupants had been the new Lewis Alpacas, so he could see that he was at last going to a place with a bit of class. The straw was much to his taste and we didn't hear another sound from him. No doubt he is now enjoying new company in Lewis and we have our fingers crossed that at the beginning of May we will be seeing the results.

Also, on a different tack - I've finally managed to screw up my website! I got some software to help me edit it online as my main problem with updating is the length of time it takes to update offline then go through an FTP program to upload it. Anyway, after a great deal of time fiddling about, the software is attached to my site on the server and I had a go at the first page - upon which all the pictures on the page disappeared. Horror! Not quite sure what to do about it, so I've emailed software support and hope they will help me get my piccies back!


Alpacas of Lewis said...

Well...we were glad this morning to see "Houdini" was still in the field with the girls - he seems to be enjoying himself and the sheep are getting a good work out trying to escape his advances! Iain is going to upload a short video of him to the blog when he gets a chance. Great to catch up with you yesterday. Thanks again, Anne x

Scalpay Linen said...

Brilliant, glad he's settling in well - the ewes have probably never seen anything like hime before! BTW - watch out if he gets in amongst the washing lines!!
Looking forward to seeing the video.
Sheila x