Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Arrivals and World Cup Fever hits Croft 37!

A bit of a surprise today when we went to feed the poultry.  Four little ducklings had hatched from a batch of eggs that were being incubated in a, frankly, part-time way by one of the party girl Buff Orpingtons.  How she will cope to the full-time demands of a brood of ducklings - well, only time will tell!  Poor Pippin nearly lost the end of his nose when he poked it in the pop-hole to see what was making the noise.

Today we are really getting in the mood for the World Cup.  We don't care who wins, but there is a fair amount of training going on here in case any of the teams needs a last-minute substitute!

  Bramble isn't really a team player - she likes to run away with the ball and play on her own.  Could be a useful technique for whileing away the last few minutes of a match?
Heather is great on the tackle and her speciality is tripping up the other team.  She can indulge in intimidating behaviour so could be yellow-carded for that.  Pippin is fast and good natured.  A good all-rounder who can be relied upon to keep the team together at all times!

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Anonymous said...

I was utterly unmoved by the World Cup until I saw your players - quite the most appealing footballers I've ever seen!