Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ladies in Waiting - Daisy and her pal

The other day, we were at the end of the croft checking if any of the stock which wasn't on the summer grazings needed shearing when we saw Daisy the cross Cheviot and her pal.  Thoughts of how well they were looking and how plump soon gave well to astonishment when we realised that they were both in lamb!  Don't know who the daddy is, don't know when the lambs are due but we're waiting daily for the patter of tiny hooves again!

Incidentally - you can see our tree on the top right of the photo.  It's a Rowan and is old and gnarled and about six foot tall.  But it's a tree, and as such is a highly treasured asset of the croft.

Last weekend saw a lot of yachting activity in the North Harbour - here's a picture of three of them at anchor enjoying a peaceful stopover.  One crew even managed up to the Outend to visit the loomshed.

And finally another croft scene - we have a glacial valley across the croft with steep cliffs that the sheep can't get to and so there is a variety of plant life flourishing there.  Here is a patch of honeysuckle.  Tonight the perfume from it was totally glorious - the air was warm and still (yet surprisingly the midgies were not out) and you could smell it from twenty metres away.  We didn't want to come indoors tonight - a perfect summer evening, definitely a memory to tuck away and enjoy again in the depths of next winter.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

They look so much like my two dogs, Edward.. white, and Apple..black!

Anonymous said...

I salute your rowan tree! By coincidence, I was singing the praises of Rowans on my blog on Tuesday.

On a different point, the other day I was packing my favourite wind-proof jumper for an upcoming trip to Orkney and noticed that its label says 'hand framed by John Goodman, Scarista, Isle of Harris'. Now this splendid jumper is 21 years old and I know Scarista is the other side of the island from you, but I just wondered...by any chance...if you ever came across that talented gentleman? The jumper is of thick, scratchy, forest green wool and looks as good today as the day I bought it from the St.Andrews woollen mill (now long gone) with my first pay packet.

Scalpay Linen said...

Hi DB - Glad your jumper is still going strong! I think that John Goodman is the husband of the retired geography teacher at the secondary school in Tarbert. By coincidence, they were in our loomshed the other week picking up some textile gifts. Next time I see them I shall pass your admiring comments on. Incidentally, Scarista is a lovely village with a very good beach and a world-renowned golf links! It is also hosting part of the sheepdog trials competition tour on 13th July. We won't be taking part - none of our dogs are registered - but some folks come from all over the country every year with their dogs. Do have a great time in Orkney - one of my favourite places and one I can't wait to visit again.

shortlegs the sheep said...

Daisy in lamb! Wow! I hope the lamb is as delightful as Daisy was when she was wee - although she was very naughty and didn't like the lamb formula she looks wonderful - well done Sheila and JF. xxx