Monday, 12 July 2010

Reviewing a Really Busy Week

     Last week was the busiest so far of the season.  We welcomed over 50 visitors to our loomshed and now need to spend some time replacing stock - a nice problem to have!  Many thanks to Sandy & Co from the States who always bring delicious maple syrup when they visit, as well as lots of enthusiasm and news. 

     Also, we paid a visit to Harris Tweed Hebrides to pick up some cloth they have been finishing for us - below is a green and white linen - 12 x 12 herringbone.  Some striped, some checked with green and some checked with natural.  About 28m all together. It's got a very nice feel to it, whilst still retaining our signature "tweedy" effect.

This is our new Harris Tweed.  A few weeks ago I showed it on the warping mill ready for beaming.  It's a burnt orange with Hebridean wool as the warp, and the weft is the burnt orange, twill weave and single width as always.  Completely unique.

And here is a close up of it with the orb mark.

Currently there is another Hebridean Harris Tweed on the loom, but the next to go on the beam will be this one pictured below.  A striking mix of pink, blue and three highlights on a colour gradated warp - in either a twill or a 2 x 2 herringbone, whichever looks better.  Weft will most likely be pink.  We are really excited about this tweed - can't wait to start.....

And finally, we are still waiting for Daisy and her pal to lamb.  According to the calendar, daddy is now most likely to be Mr 4-Horn Hebridean, fresh back from his working Christmas and New Year in Galson.  So maybe Tuesday or Wednesday will be lambing day.


Tracy Ranger said...

Love the new Harris Tweed - what a vibrant colour - fab!

Elena said...

The orange one is superb!!
Is it possible to buy online?