Saturday, 28 August 2010

Congratulations to intrepid climbers Emmett and Macleod

We spent the afternoon and early evening today riveted to the TV watching Tim Emmett and Dave Macleod tackle a new route up the overhanging 600 foot cliff of Sron Uladail in North Harris.  It was just amazing watching them and by the end I was completely exhausted!!  Congratulations to everyone involved in the event - and what a wonderful opportunity to showcase our magnificent scenery and heritage. 


donnie said...

I agree - it was fabulous :))

Mamacita said...

Greetings Shiela,

We are back in Virginia and must tell you that our visit to Scalpay Linen Studio was a favorite. I have shared with friends and family the "goodies" that you made. A couple are saved for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the eggs as well - we finished those before we left Harris. As always, I enjoy your blog tremendously - Thanks!