Monday, 2 August 2010

Daisys lamb and the new tweed

It's a long time since I last added to my last blog - things have been very hectic with lots of visitors to the loomshed, weaving, warping and winding to do, lots of croft work, agricultural shows to attend and really rainy weather.

Here is an update on Daisys little lamb.  Her input into his upbringing continues to be minimal and he has now joined the lamb gang - the lamb on the right gives an idea of the difference in size between the lambs born at the right time, and Daisys lamb.  However, he's feeding from the bottle well and shows lots of interest in everything.

Here's my latest tweed - another Hebridean Harris Tweed ready to go to the mill when they open after the summer holidays.  With about 8 yards to go I finally cracked and put in a contrasting warp.

When it has been finished, I'll post a photo of it - quite an unusual colour combination but it seems that almost every colour goes well with the Hebridean brown.

It's the North Harris Agricultural Show at Willow Park Showground in Urgha on Friday, so the loomshed will be closed then.  We are busy polishing up the chickens and cockerels and hope that the weather is good enough to take a good selection with us.  Last year I seem to remember, the weather was so tragic that I only managed a couple of ducks - though they quite enjoyed it. 

Publication date for the new edition of Events Monthly - the free paper in Lewis and Harris is on Wednesday so if you are reading this locally, don't forget to grab a copy to see what's happening during the coming month.


donnie said...

good luck for the show - people talk about the rain being good weather for ducks but my ducks just look depressed in the kind of endlessly soggy summer we have had here...

Min said...

Lovely to see a late arrival thriving. Did the other lamb appear as well? The hebridean brown should make the other colours sing: can't wait to see it.