Monday, 17 January 2011

Another New Face on the Croft

Just before tupping time last year, our four-horned ram went to live on a croft at Ammunsuidhe in North Harris and the Hebridean ram who was living there came to us.  The picture below is of our ram in the trailer ready for his journey.
We hear that he has settled down well.  The exchange ram is a fine fellow with two horns - very dark brown and a little more reserved in character than Mr 4 Horn.  But he was working with the Cheviot ram we got from the auction mart and we are now looking forward to lambing at the end of March to see the results!

On Saturday we went up to Bernera to drop off a load of mohair and Friesland hand-spun which I've been working on over Christmas and New Year.  We also collected another new ram who was in need of a good home.  This one is called "Tuppie", and is a Shetland ram of two years, though he's a good size.  He had a difficult early life, but is now a real handsome fellow with a good helping of attitude and a lovely kind nature.  His fleece is gorgeous, you can just bury your hands in it and its crimpy and white and fine and soft - and I could go on, but I won't!

Here he is (above) getting ready to leave Bernera, and here he is again (below), settling into the apportionment at Croft 37 on Scalpay.

He has a couple of ewes with him for company and comes running down the hill to the fence when we appear with an armful of hay.  I've wanted a Shetland ram for ages as I think the crosses will be interesting.  If he's got a black gene lurking in his DNA then we will be even more pleased!

This week we have got more spinning on the agenda, a trip to Stornoway to pick up the new issue of "Events Monthly" (out on Wednesday so don't forget to pick up your free copy!) and then a quick nip round Harris delivering them on Friday.

The sun is out just now but its been very wet and the shed is quite damp.  We need a few days of easterly winds to dry off the croft and air out the loomshed, and also get an early start on the falaisgean (heather burning).

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