Friday, 4 February 2011

Weather Report

Despite the amazing news that the Scalpay Bridge anemometer recorded a top gust of nearly 107 mph last evening, we are all still here! 

It was pretty breezy, and our bin turned over, but apart from that, it's surprising to find such extreme conditions being recorded so close to us (we are about 1.5 miles from the bridge and located in a very exposed high place) at around the time we were taking the dogs for their evening walk.  The power was off from 6am to 7.30 pm today presumably due to lighting strikes, and some areas are still off as I write. 

Todays task was to finish spinning the Friesland for Driftwater Weaves, and the last brown Wensleydale fleece for Teoshandspuns in Broadford, Skye.  So tomorrow is going to be wash day for the hanks!


Marigold Stocks said...

Good luck with the storm, it is pretty windy here in Suffolk too I know how windy it can get in the outer Hebrides,I have never experienced weather like it until we visited the isle of Lewis.I will be thinking about you all.

Anonymous said...

Very glad you are all fine - we were thinking anxiously of our friends in the Western Isles and were relieved to hear it wasn't a repeat of the 2006 storm.

Scalpay Linen said...

Thanks Marigold and Christine for your good wishes. Some folks certainly did have it really bad - but for us here at the Outend it was fairly ordinary.