Monday, 9 April 2012

Nought to three in two days!

Once upon a time we were enjoying peace and quiet and then within the space of  two days, our life is turned upside down with the arrival of three lambs, none of whom has a mother who wants to care for it.  The photo is fairly representative of what it's like at feeding time.  The weather has been really wet again so we've been bringing them into the house for bottles to save us all getting soaked outside.  Even with Bramble and my other half on duty, it is still pandemonium (or should that be lambdemonium!).

The first lamb's mother had no milk at all and ran away after he was born; the second was a difficult birth to a gimmer who had never had a lamb before so she wasn't interested, and the third was abandoned at birth on the croft and we are not quite sure who her mother is.  Apparently, the record for lambs on the bottle at the same time is five - and we are only half way through lambing......


Dawn said...

What sweet wee lambs, lots of hard work though no doubt.

Lovely photo though x

purejuice said...

bless their little woolly hearts and yours too.