Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lambs and Linen

Now, here's something you don 't see everyday..... twin lambs, one of which is black and one white.
They are about three days old.  We think the black one may be the son of our deceased black ram whilst the white one has a definite Shetlandy look about him.  On the other hand, Tuppy the Shetland ram does have black genes - although he is white he has had black lambs in the past - so maybe they are both his.  Anyway, they are very cute and seem to be thriving despite the rotten snowy cold weather we had yesterday.
Today is a bit warmer and the sun is out,

In other news, the new curtains for Buth Scalpaigh are now in production......

and are very attractive - well done to the shop interior designers who picked the colours and well done to me for working out the design and making the pattern chain up correctly!


Judy said...

Thanks for posting the great photos of the lambs! They are cuties, for sure.

Anonymous said...

What lovely lambs. I didn't know that a ewe could have twins by different fathers. Lambing may be a frantic season for crofters, but it's lovely for the rest of us to see the photies!