Thursday, 4 April 2013

Just tying in a warp which is destined to be floor runners.  It is a lovely worsted yarn with a fine nylon binder, twisted very firmly so it makes a great warp.
I've sleyed one end per dent, so it's a quick one to warp, draft and tie-in, which makes a change from the linen.

The weft is a very unusual beige boucle wool from Andrew at Northbank Mills..
This is fun on the pirn winder and also in the shuttles, but finishes beautifully.
Good News in the offing - we are hoping to re-launch the Hattersley Loom Club with a virtual spares shed for all bits of Hattersley Mark 1 and 2.  The web-site will be moving to a new platform very soon.  So keep your eyes peeled for more details.
Having trouble keeping my mind on work today - it's such lovely weather.  It's been so dry here that muirburning has been a bit of a nightmare business this year.  The fire service have put a stop to in for now as they have had so many calls out.
So here's a picture of the view from my loomshed taken about half an hour ago.
If your weather is not quite so good, my sympathies are with you. 

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