Thursday, 9 May 2013

After a trip to the mill we have two more Harris Tweeds available.
The first is a six shuttle, six colour one which I did just to make sure I still could!!  Now I don't usually make traditional sorts of tweeds but this one is quite nice, even to my jaundiced eye!  It has an autumnal aura about it and would make very natty ladies jackets, perhaps worn with a dark blue skirt.
The other tweed is the girly pink one which seems to have taken me forever to get woven, finished and then collected.  Anyway it's here now so if you are a pink tweed fiend then let me know.
Incidentally, this is a 13cut tweed and the pink is the old Mackenzies mill  pink which is softer and less "coral" shaded than Shawbost. 
Both are single width twill and £20 per metre as usual plus postage if we need to send it to you.
As always these tweeds are non-repeatable.
In other news. Lambs growing up, cuckoos are here.  We are enjoying the new BBC1 series "Hebrides - islands on the edge" though it was rather full of geese last week!  For those in the UK who want to watch, it's on I-player.
The sheep go onto summer grazings this weekend so the dogs are limbering up in the sun!
Weather just glorious today, but probably not tomorrow. 

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