Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's all go at Scalpay Linen.  We are still assembling Hattersley looms at various locations in Harris ready for the new independent weavers to get started.  Cloth design and innovation are the watchwords currently.  The boucle and worsted yarns I mentioned in the last post have now been combined and hand-finished to make the most gorgeous snuggly fabric.

A very similar cloth is available as LinseyWoolsey throws of about 2m.  I feel a sense of great achievement to have produced a fabric of this thickness on the Hattersley.  Now available for AW projects.  Please contact me for details.

Also new on the scene, and using the same warp as the L/W version of the boucle, is this amazing bubbly effect.  It is along similar lines to the Waveprint cloth we were producing a couple of years ago, but in this the wavy effect goes from side to side, producing a gorgeous textured effect.

Though it's 100% pure linen, the hand-finishing has left it soft and flexible.  Great to drape.  Warm and cosy.
And a close up just to show that it is a really most unusual looking cloth - all done without the aid of any man-made fibres or fancy finishing techniques!

We are hoping to produce in a range of colours including whites for weddings and for dyeing.
Also interesting to see what Hebridean Felt mades of Nuno'ing it!

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