Monday, 5 January 2009

Finally got some more items on Etsy

Yesterday I was busy with the camera taking pictures of new items to put in our Etsy shop. Not all have made it so far, but here is a little taster of what's in store:
I see Calana Crafts have been keeping a close eye on what I've got for sale because there's a link to my waistcoat on Joan is constantly reminding me that there's no point in making things and hiding them away, I've got to sell them too!
Anyway, here are a selection of pictures:

The waistcoat.

Matching Bow Tie. There is also a matching necktie.

Hebridean Tweed Cufflinks - also a matching necktie is available

And finally a pure linen necktie.

Incidentally, the cloth the tie is resting on is one of our linens - a 12 x 12 Herringbone in natural and 1/8 bleached white linen. It was the first linen that the mill in Shawbost finished for us and it is just amazing - smooth and shiny.

All the material for these items was woven by me (or my husband) in our loomshed and were milled by Harris Tweed Hebrides, Shawbost, Isle of Lewis.

Farewell to Leda of the Tin Shed and SassyGael. We watched the ferry sail from Tarbert this afternoon as the sun was setting. We were having a "falaisg" (heather burn) on the moor near Eilean Glas lighthouse and waved as the ferry went past. Tomorrow if it is not raining, I will take the camera and get a picture of a falaisg.

Also today, I was experimenting with felt making for next weeks after school club. Overall the effect was reasonable and I think with a little practice I could get quite proficient with the bubble wrap and the soap. However, glad to get back to the spinning!


shortlegs the sheep said...

Love the waistcoat and bow tie, have told Andrew (the receiver of the tie I bought from you) to have a look and Joan is right - get it out there, the stuff is fantastic!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Just discovered your blog. Checked out your fabric at etsy. Gorgeous! I have a salt-and-pepper heavy Harris tweed jacket I made about 35 years ago--the first item I ever tailored. It is still going strong and looks like it should last through at least a second generation....... perhaps with replacement of lining!