Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Great New Website

The new website for Gedgrave Wensleydales is up and running - its well worth a look with lots of information about the Wensleydale Sheep, fleeces for sale and a shop nearly ready.

I love Wensleydale sheep - they are my favourites apart from the Hebrideans of course. Tracys' fleeces are gorgeous - I speak as someone who has handspun some of them (look back in the blog archives for more info).

My only criticism of the site Tracy is that there are no pictures of ducks or hens - I know you keep them too. And bees....... we want pictures of bees! I am an ex-Outer Hebridean bee-keeper (another very rare breed!), and am fascinated with everything apicultural.

Sadly no pictures today - couldn't find one of a Wensleydale sheep, or even a honey-bee.


Coming up tomorrow evening.........
"Hen of the Day" - there will be two hens of the day as I'm feeling generous.


Joanne B Kaar said...
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Joanne B Kaar said...

Hi Sheila,

Your paper boat has sailed safely to Dunnet! I'm keeping all boats under wrapps until this friday (official launch day).....then I'll start adding photos of all boats received on the paperboat blog!

Thank you!