Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Snowy Outlook

Just to remind us that even though its the beginning of May - winter hasn't deserted us completely. We woke up this morning to see our mountain (the Clisham, highest point in the Western Isles) with a snowy frosting on top. It is also really cold. The bottle fed lamb and the black one are jammed into their shelter box keeping each other warm. I am staying indoors doing my accounts for last year!


donnie said...

the chills are still in the air - sleet and snow on the way over the tops to Applecross today

shortlegs the sheep said...

The Clisham with a snowy top is magical. I loved looking out of the bedroom to see the sprinkling of snow over the mountains. Here in Yorks the sun has been out, Hamish has been laying and basking in the sun. Certainly warm enough for shorts - not me!
Going to go to a new group - York guild of spinners, weavers and dyers. Although I don't fit into any of the titles apparently they have a strong crafting ethic so will mention your milk protein fibre there.