Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Time for something new...

This morning we decided that we had had enough of the white linen - we must have woven at least 60metres with no blobby black bits falling off the boards onto the warp and there is still quite a lot of metres left on the back beam.

Since this state of affairs is unlikely to continue for much longer, we called it a day with the white and chose two colours of Harris wool to complete the warp as a Harris linsey woolsey. I bought a gorgeous fuschia colour ages ago from the Shawbost mill, and it is a popular shade for this years tweeds, so I am using that along with a very attractive purple. Here are the bobbins on the weft winder.
And here is the final effect on the loom.

As long as we can get at least 10 metres we will have this mill finished along with the white. So if anyone is interested in a length of either in two to three weeks, please let me know.

Ducklings are progressing well. They were out in the sun early this morning but its got very dreary and drizzly here now, so they've gone back to their nest.

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JK said...

love the pink and purple blend..... sure winner..how you had a productive day today.