Tuesday, 5 May 2009

White linen and Getting ready for Summer..

The white herringbone linen is weaving well so far. Though its not one of my best beams....

It's a bit cramped up and packed up with all sorts of things to keep it level. However, what matters is what its like at the front. So we'll not worry about it.

One man and his dog, and indeed, his sheep, getting ready for Saturdays move to the Summer Grazings. We move all the sheep on the island which are presently wandering about the crofts, lying on the roads and munching their way through the grass, onto the common grazings. A few of the sheep - mainly those who lambed late, or those who were bottle fed and therefore not hardy enough for the grazings, or those who are waiting for transport to an offshore island to fatten up for the abattoir, are put on tethers and allowed to stay as long as they behave themselves. They are moved every day so they get a fresh patch of pasture to graze on, and generally lead a lazy life till the end of September when everybody returns for the winter.

Hopefully I shall get some pictures of the move to post.

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