Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Bit of a Hotchpotch Today.

Hows this for a beautiful candyfloss effect? At present, as well as working on a natural colour linen on the loom which is for an order, I am spending evenings spinning the bags I got from our friends at Carloway Mill (Harris Tweed Textiles). This bag had unspun cut ends, around six inches in length taken from the machines, and some carded fibre all of the same colour with fascinating little slubby bits in it. So I'm spinning the lengths into an endy sort of yarn which has interesting little tails hanging out all over, and twisting it with a single purple lurex thread to give a faint sparkle without being too OTT. Half the fibre I'm spinning really fine and the rest will be thicker. This will give a suite of yarns, all the same colour and type to do a variety of work with. The endy yarn will be excellent for scarf knitting or hand weaving - specially on a rigid heddle or peg loom, the fine will be great for baby socks (Calana Crafts please note!) and the thicker will knit up into sweaters etc.

Will post some pictures of the finished yarn when I have the camera handy.
Now, I know I said I wouldn't mention turkey eggs again for a month, but I found this photo lurking on the camera card of the eggs before we put them under the hens. So here they are.....
Today was ducklings first day outside. Here they have just emerged from their enclosure and are considering their next move. In point of fact, their next move was to go back inside again - so it looks like they are at least blessed with a modicum of common sense! Hopefully two ducklings will leave home later this week and take up residence in the village and we can clean out the enclosure ready for the t........ oops, sorry, said I wouldn't mention them again!


shortlegs the sheep said...

The candyfloss yarn looks fantastic - was this a skip incident or more civilised? Good luck with the knit in public thing at the Inn, are you being sponsored or giving tuition? Leda x PS a new friend - Pearl, is heading for Harris next week - have put you on the itinerary so hopefully she will get to you.

Scalpay Linen said...

The candyfloss actually cost money! But is well worth it. Looking forward to meeting a new friend next week. I am going to the inn just to knit squares and have a good laugh - the hard work comes next Saturday (20th) at our next flea market when we are doing refreshments to add to the project.

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