Friday, 26 June 2009

Hot Weather - No More Weaving for a while...

Today is really hot. The dog has retreated under the table in the loomshed and is staring out at me like I should be able to do something about the weather. The rams drank a bucket of water between them and the lambs had an extra bottle of milk to help stave off dehydration. The only ones not complaining are the chickens, who are sunbathing in dusty holes they have excavated and the ducks who are partying on their new, improved pond.
As the air humidity is so low, the linen in the loom is protesting by getting brittle, so I've decided to cover it up till it starts raining again! A new warp beckons and we've settled on two shades of green, a bright yellow and two shades of natural - one wet and one dry retted. It will make a good vertical stripe or a country check. This one will be the same width as the one that's in at present - 960 ends - but will be a 2 x 2 twill rather than a 2x2 herringbone.
Did I mention that I'd got all my finishing back from the mill? The white has been despatched and will be appearing at the 2010 Harrogate bridal show, and I've packed away the linsey woolseys in case anyone wants to buy them! (Heaven Forbid).
Just now we are getting ready for the craft fair at the Harris Hotel, Tarbert on Tuesday - I've found the craft fair banner, the knock in notices and the notice for the door. All I need now is to sort out some stuff to sell.

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donnie said...

good luck at the craft fair - i wont join you in the rain dance