Thursday, 23 July 2009

Another Warp going in....

Today I'm tying in the next warp - essentially the same set up as the last one, so its 16lea three to a dent, 32 shots per inch and 960 ends, or thereabouts. The warp looked so glossy and gorgeous as it went onto the beam that I couldn't resist taking a photo....

My other half chose the colours for this one, so if you don't like it - well, its his fault!

Yesterday was sunny and warm and we were inundated with visitors at the loomshed, all of them chatty and friendly, so I didn't get a lot of actual work done but it was good fun all the same. Also sold quite a bit, so that makes up for lack of weaving activity!

This morning there was a midgie or two about when we were feeding the hens, but now it is pouring with rain - big drops falling straight down in a very wet way. Also, there's mist rolling down the Sound (the channel of sea between the Isle of Scalpay and the rest of Harris), so I be the view from the bridge is a bit spooky.

Looking forward to tying in the linen and getting started. WoollyWags tonight - have started knitting a sweater for my other half out of grey Hebridean wool. Not using a pattern, as is my custom, and doing it on a circular needle. Hopefully Joan from Calana Crafts will keep me right when I come to do the sleeves etc.

Enjoyed seeing our friend Harvey and his partner on Channel 5 "Build a New Life in the Country" last evening. Harvey is our local hairdresser at Tarbert and runs a campsite at Lickisto in the Bays of Harris. He moved to Harris from Leeds a while ago and has worked very hard despite setbacks to create a lovely setting for holidays as well as a hairdressing salon in Main Street, Tarbert.

Link to the web site is below:

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