Saturday, 11 July 2009

End of a busy week

This week seems to have been really manic, culminating in the SassyGael Craft Fair yesterday. We had lots of people through the door and a good time was had by all. Now its time to metaphorically pick up all the dropped stitches and carry on.....

While waiting for the pirn winder to make up more shuttle bobbins so I can finish the natural 2 x 2 linen that I have in the loom (and which seems to be taking longer than War and Peace to finish!), I have been running in the ends and readying my new scarf design for its debut. It's similar to the one I had on the blog a few weeks ago, and which was sold before it was even finished - the buyer loved it so much she said she would run the loose ends in herself!

It's the Carloway fibre - candyfloss pink, handspun with a matching shantung silk binder. Hyperbolic crocheted so its ruffly and layered looking when round the neck -

But rolled up its just like a bridesmaids posy! Originally I named these cabbage scarves, but now I think "posy scarf" is probably a better name. I'm going to sell them with the ribbon streamers. They are about 1.25m long and 13cm wide, though this does vary according to the sort of yarn.

Today is warm and sunny with a breeze. All the chickens, chicks, ducks, ducklings, guinea fowl, turkey poult, lambs and sheep appear to be in fine form.

Still looking for an appropriate name for the little turkey. Today I will try to get another photo of it as its grown quite a lot and is starting to develop a little snood above its beak to show it really is a turkey!


Turtle said...

Hmmm, Tripp, Tanner, Tang, Trick, Tobi, Drumstick, Tweet, Strutt ... enjoy your day!

Scalpay Linen said...

Thanks Turtle.