Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dial up and mail problems with

Well, just had several days in bed with the 'flu - high temperature, nasty cough, lots of sneezing etc. Have so far managed to keep it to myself, but did shut the loomshed as a precaution. Now feeling better, I decided to tackle my mails but haven't been able to access my dial-up service, which is provided by .

Fortunately I also have the connected communities wireless broadband in the shed, but when I logged in I found everything has changed. The webmail looks different and is empty even though there should be a couple of days mail on it - and the forum section where you could go to chat with other users and get some help has totally disappeared.

Breathe didn't tell us that something was going to happen - but veterans of their shenannigans know that this is their trademark - and I haven't been able to find out anything, but meantime, if anyone knows anything or comes to this page having put into google, you are welcome to leave comments, or let us know what it happening if you do.

So, anyone who might have sent me an e-mail since Friday, it is probably floating around in hyper-space looking for me, so please send it again.

Lots of rain today!


Nina said...

Hello Sheila
Glad your feeling better.I enjoyed the class on tuesday.

Scalpay Linen said...

Thanks Nina, will be testing you on Andean plying on Thursday evening!

Reed said...

had an email account which for the past several years and up until yesterday I've been able to access via Now I am redirected to a page which says my account name doesn't exist on their database.
This Caithness. All the best.

Scalpay Linen said...

Hi Reed, Ater putting in a support message to them I got a reply saying they have moved the e-mails away from Spider as they cost too much and also had a server problem at the beginning of July. Some people have not been switched on again. Mine seems to have been sorted out, but I've lost a days mail that hasn't turned up (yet). Also had a mail from Spider today offering me an alternative e-mail keeping my original address but with a .org suffix. Also the forums will continue. Do you have alternative access to breathe? If not, send me your e-mail address to mine - and I will report it for you on the support system.
Greetings to Caithness, specially Joanne the papermaker up at Dunnett.

Joanne B Kaar said...

I'm busy being harbour master for all the fantastic paper boats sailing to my studio!!

And it will be mentioned on New Zealand TV!!
Check my blogs for detials, we will be able to watch it from here!!