Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New warp, new chick and spinning up Daisy

Here are two pictures of my new warp, which I finally sorted out - this one shows the spacing reed which is between the heck and the tensioning rollers and I've turned it 180 degrees so the blue is on the right and the brown is on the left. This section will then match up with the previous one where the blue was on the left and the brown was on the right. I'm hoping that it is going to work when I come to tie in..... watch this space!

And here is a shot of two sections side by side showing the effect of turning the reed.

Here is the first official picture of our new naked neck chick - the one that had the near-death experience on Sunday. It hasn't actually ventured outside yet, but this morning I caught it having breakfast in bed! What could be better than snuggling up inside a lovely soft warm bed being fed cornflakes by a very attentive mother? When Humbug emerges into the open I will get a better picture. Mum is very protective just now - I can hear her growling at the other hens and the dogs as they go past.

And finally, I've just started spinning up Daisy - the abandoned lamb from Bunavoneader who we acquired in early spring when her foster mum and dad moved to the mainland. We sheared Daisy a few weeks ago and now I hear that the fleece needs to be spun up ready by the end of the month when foster mum and dad will be coming for an inspection visit!

So I've decided to spin a slim single straight from the raw fleece without any preparation and Peruvian ply it up to a chunkier three ply which I hope will be a good aran weight with a bit of texture in it. Not sure whether it is needing to be dyed - hope so because my landscape dyes from the Netherlands will be arriving soon, and I can't wait to get dipping!

Overcast and dull today. Moderately midgie but by no means unbearable. Quiet roads so hope to get plenty warping and weaving done before the day is over.

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