Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Very Special New Arrival on the Croft....

Introducing - Pippin - our new puppy. Pippin is nearly ten weeks old and came to us from Shawbost in Lewis. He is a real character and already gets on very well with Bramble (our other sheepdog), and Heather (small and furry). Pippin will need some time to settle in and get used to living with us and we are looking forward to seeing him grow up and start his training in a few months time. So keep watching the blog and look out for news of Pippins' new life on Scalpay.

The postman brought a very interesting parcel the other day - a kilo of pre-spun from a business in Forres. Kathryn was very helpful to me and I chose the shades below from a large number of really exciting options. I first discovered pre-spun earlier this year (though of course its been around for a very long time - but I do lead a sheltered life don't forget!) It's so wonderful to use for teaching spinning and was an invaluable part of my short courses this year to bridge that gap between practising winding on and keeping the spindle/wheel rotating consistently, and getting to grips with drawing out a rolag. I have no doubt I'll be back to Kathryn for more before too long. Meantime its well worth dropping by to see
something different - as well as pre-spun, carded and knitting/crochet yarns, there is sterling silver jewellry and kitchen tools made from juniper. I think everything originates in Scandinavia.

And now, at last, I have made a start on the spinning for Breanish Tweed. Have re-carded the black dyed roving and thrown in the little red knobbly bits, so we have to hope for the best.


JK said...

Let me know when you're going out so I can get over the ridge to steal him...He looks so cuddly.

jeannette said...

omg omg omg!!! he's the cutest puppy i ever saw!!!