Thursday, 21 January 2010

More about Socks knitted on the CSM

Since my last blog I've been a busy bee indeed! Bought a cone of 2/17s Lambswool from Uppingham Yarns which arrived in double quick time. Though its not sock yarn, it is good to practice with on the 84 cylinder and produces a lovely soft sock which is suitable for people who don't walk a lot - the elderly and disabled for instance. Anyway, it was great for practising on and getting handy with the grafting needle again.

Above is a picture of my first three pairs - before washing. They are folded carefully to hide that they have two heels and three toes per pair! (Only joking).
The best bit of news though is that I've located a 76 cylinder with matching ribber dial from which looks like its going to fit my Berridge CSM. So I shall be shortly geared up to use re-inforced yarns in the machine and will have another product for my shelves this season! Must get in touch with Joan at to see if she has any of her gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn that I could use.
Raining here on Scalpay tonight, but I don't mind - I have my sock machine to keep me warm......

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