Thursday, 28 January 2010

Starting on the new CSM Cylinder

Remember my new 72 cylinder and 36 ribber dial for the Berridge circular sock machine? Well, yesterday I decided to pay a visit to my good friend Joan at Calana Crafts in Kyles Scalpay (, as she can always be relied upon for inspirational yarn for sock knitting and with the bigger cylinder we can now use regular sock yarn which is great. As usual Joan did not disappoint - and I came away with enough to keep me quiet for a day or two! What I'm really after is Joans very special hand-dyed yarns which are going to look really wonderful knitted up on the machine. But because I don't yet know how much yarn I will need for a pair I only took a couple of matching hanks of that. Joan is going to dye up bigger quantities of the yarn if I need it. I could have come away with much more, but you have to draw the line somewhere!!

As you can see below - Heather found the whole situation just too exciting! sent me some ideas for making linsey-woolsey socks on the machine. Where will I find the time to do all this?

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Anonymous said...

Keep you quiet? I doubt that......The socks you knitted are wonderful, really keep my feet warm. Thank you for a wonderful gift.