Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Moon and A New Year Offer....

We wish our customers and blog readers a peaceful new year - decade if possible. This morning at nine o clock the full moon was shining in the front of the house and peeping over a big white snow cloud. It looked so amazing that I rushed for the camera..... and I made a wish!

To celebrate the New Year and in recognition of the cold weather some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are suffering, I am putting one of my Hebridean Lynsey Woolsey wraps/throws on at a sale price. The warp is 100% linen in two gorgeous warm colours - a sand and a muted orange,the weft is 100% Hebridean wool in grey and dark brown sourced from Lewis and Scalpay, and the pattern is a 12 x 12 herringbone with the colour change in the middle of the pattern. Yhe wrap measures 2m long excluding the fringes and is 77cm wide. The cloth was woven by me, finished by Harris Tweed Hebrides, Shawbost, Isle of Lewis, and labelled with "Scalpay Linen - Handwoven and finished in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland" and the "Masters of Linen" minimum 50% linen label.

It's not available anywhere else, is warm and very tweedy looking despite its linen content, and can be washed by hand. Usual price - £65 plus postage, sale price £50 post free. A really good offer I think. The usual retail price for the cloth is £30 per metre!
Gosh, that one went very quickly. Sorry folks the wrap has been snapped up and will be on its way to the USA next Tuesday. I'll look around the loomshed and see what else I have that could go on offer to brighten up both my bank balance and the dark winter days!


Mamacita said...

Happy New year!
My husband and went out last night but our sky was too cloudy to see the blue moon.

I was thrilled to see your offer - I have placed my order!

Just yesterday I had gotten out some end cones of 40/2 linen and am considering making a scarf as a sample of my first attempt at linsey-woolsey!

I can't wait until the throw/shawl arrives.


Scalpay Linen said...

You'll love doing the linsey-woolsey - the finishing especially is just amazing as it all melds together. I think it's a much under-rated fabric and I'm conducting a crusade to get it back on the menu. Everyone who has bought cloth from me says its great for tailoring as the linen part provides great support and structure and the wool element stops it creasing up in a traditional "lineny" way. The wrap is made in a 10lea linen with a 13cut weft. It's almost the same weight as a conventional tweed, but subtly different! Enjoy!!