Monday, 8 March 2010

New Tweed on the Shelf....

A quick trip to Harris Tweed Hebrides, Shawbost this morning and we returned with the last in our series of Hebridean Linsey-Woolseys. This one has a warp of red and white striped linen (24x 24 herringbone) and the weft of 2 shots of grey and 2 shots of brown Hebridean wool.

This one is just stunning! The bright red has muted down to a dusky plum yet it still has that metallic sheen that comes from.... where?

Here it is close up. I have 40metres of it, single width. Gorgeously soft and beautifully milled by Shawbost Mill as usual.
First order of 3m will get it for 50 GBP plus postage. Usually it retails at 25 GBP per m.
Just contact me if you're interested.

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