Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sheep Rescue!

Date... Saturday 13/3/10.... Time.... 0930...... Supercrofter receives call that sheep is stuck on cliff in centre of village.......

Instantly whirling into action, Supercrofter is on the scene. Tying a rope around his waist and securing it to a handy light pole at the top of the cliff, he absails down said cliff.....

... and secures a rescue rope to the stranded sheep.

Sheep is then hauled to safety by Nephew of Supercrofter who is at the top of the cliff.

Supercrofter clambers back to safety and sheep ungratefully legs it off into the distance.
This was the highlight of the day yesterday.

Other news..... ginger naked neck hen is now firmly esconced on her eggs. Estimated hatch date will be 3rd April.

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