Monday, 24 May 2010

     First shear of the season - a wether that slipped through the gather the other week and was found cavorting in the village with some of its mates.  Bramble rounded it up, O/H sheared it, and now it's waiting to go to Cooking Pot Island on Tuesday evening.  Pippin is looking on and picking up tips...

     On the loom just now - a linen twill.  12 purple, 10 white, 2 red and with a purple and white weft.  Looking good.  Hopefully we'll be picking up the green linen from the mill on Thursday and dropping off the orange and brown Harris Tweed.

     The North Harris Agricultural Show is going to be on 6th August at the show ground in Urgha - just down from Tarbert on the Kyles Scalpay road.  O/H and I are going to be judging the tweeds, and I shall be taking my spinning wheel to do some demonstrating.  So anyone who is going to be in the vicinity, do come along to see the supreme champion sheep and cattle competition, poultry competition, arts and crafts, home baking and refreshments and stalls.  Lots of fun for all the family.

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