Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In a Quandary....

     I couldn't make up my mind what the title of today's blog should be.  Perhaps "It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas" (only really it's the middle of May!), or maybe that old classic - "Summertime".
     Of course, it was a bit parky yesterday, and there was the odd flake or two of snow during the day, and I did nearly succumb to hyperthermia in the shed yesterday (not really), but I wasn't expecting an almost Alpine view from my bedroom window this morning......

     There are still snow flurries over the Clisham, yet the sun is shining brightly over Luskentyre way.  Guess that's the Outer Hebrides for you! 
     My late father, who was well into horticulture in Harris in the 1970's used to say that there was no point in planting out anything tender before the beginning of June or it would end in tears.  This year has been a case in point.
     Last Monday we had a visit from Joanne Kaar, the papermaker from Durness in Caithness who has an exhibition currently on at the Morvern Gallery in Lewis.  She dropped by to pick up a sack of my linen waste, which she uses to make the most glorious paper with, and left me a new visitor book - below.

     OK, the writing is mine and is not incredibly artistic.  Everyone who has signed it so far has really enjoyed writing on the paper because its a different experience to writing on Basildon Bond, or whatever we use these days.  I feel I should have a quill pen and a pot of ink made out of....  whatever they make ink out of.... to get the true ambience.  The cockerels had better watch out for their tails!!


Direcleit said...

Making ink? I was surprised to find very little by 'googling', but this is a nice wee page on old inks:


There was also one that used Walnuts!

Joanne B Kaar said...

Hi Sheila, I've been beating some of the linen bits to a pulp and now have some very nice thin and crispy papers! They are 85% Scalpay linen and 15% linen half-stuff. A few sheets are on their way to you!


Scalpay Linen said...

Thanks for that Direcleit.
Looking forward to getting the paper Joanne - hope the linen bits were ok.

Joanne B Kaar said...

Tip of the day - if your going to the Morven Gallery, make sure you have room for cake and coffee! A big selection of delicious things in their cafe!!