Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Grey Wensleydale on the Carder

Over the past couple of days I've been busy in the shed preparing a beautiful grey Wensleydale fleece from a ram called "Moonshine" (which is very apt because it is a lovely shimmery grey). I have to spin half of it chunky and half of it fine. So had to dig out the Louet carder from retirement. Its that long since I used it I couldn't remember where I had put the accessories for taking off the batt and cleaning out the prickles.

Here is a piccie of the half fleece after going twice through the carders:

Not too sure about the quality of this one - used the webcam to take the shot as opposed to the digital camera for the others. Forgot to focus it properly! Anyway, you probably get the idea that its long and fluffy and very, very soft. Also very greasy but that's supposed to be good for the hands.

Also caught a piccie of my sheepdog Bramble having a cuddle on the table in the loomshed:

There will be much more of her when we start vaccinating for Blue Tongue after the new year and have to round up all the sheep. What fun - hope it rains!!!


Min said...

The grey is super soft spun fine and a really special chunky with all the variations in colour. Very stroke-able.

Anonymous said...

thought i spied a puppy nose in a previous pic, love love love the sheep dogs and look fwd to all news about your smart friend.