Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Paper making from linen

Had an email today from another colleague of mine - Joanne Kaar - from Dunnet in Caithness.
Joanne is a talented papermaker, and I send her all the waste linen from the ends of my warps and wefts etc which she turns into the most amazing paper.
It's a great idea because, before she got in touch with me, I was burning it, putting it in the bin, burying it, leaving it in in parcels on buses.. (no, not really), but it was really difficult to get rid of, and it made me feel bad that it couldn't be used. And now it can.
Extra brownie point to me for re-cycling I think!
Above is a photo of a book she made and also some of the linen which is used.

Joanne has a website and blog:

Apparently some of the paper made from my linen and peat is going to Tasmania early next year for a juried exhibition.

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