Friday, 26 December 2008

Happy Christmas Day

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we did what we always try to do when the weather isn't too bad - we went for a walk somewhere we have never been before. This year the day dawned a bit overcast but mild, dry and with very little breeze. All in all a perfect walking day. So we piled in the van - dogs and all, and drove off to Bowglas, which is on the road between Tarbert and Stornoway just before the border which takes you onto the Isle of Lewis.

We followed the path into the mountains for about an hour and a half before reaching this beautiful loch.

If you want, you can continue on the path and follow the river down the glen which leads you out at Meavag (the North Harris one, not the one in Bays) just past Ben View where Leda lives. All together its about 17km - a goodly walk, but it leaves you an awful long way to go and get your transport to get home!

Anyway, that was our Christmas. No presents, no turkey, no tree - just us and the dogs enjoying our beautiful scenery.

Then in the evening, back to the spinning!

Today I've been taking a day off from the usual and spent some time carding the Carloway bits into batts to spin. Here's a photo of some I spun straight out of the bag a few days ago, on the Jumbo flier, and plied with some Texere fine silk to give a beaded effect. It would be wonderful on the fixed heddle loom for a mat or a country-weave cushion.

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shortlegs the sheep said...

The carloway mix looks lovely,is it for sale? it would look great in something chunky like a cushion or a rug.
Pleased you got your walk in and the weather held, did your knackety knee behave?
See you early next week for the lamb move....